GROESBECK, TX (September 10, 2015) – Bass Pro Shops’ annual U.S. Open Bowfishing Championship has rapidly gained traction with spectators, participants and sponsors. And Brian “Pigman” Quaca wants in on the action. Held every spring in Springfield, Mo., with prizes to rival the most elite of fishing tournaments, Quaca brings two Texas bowfishing experts to help him on the water – Garren Steel and Marshall Bryant of the Monster Bowfishing team. Tune in to see if Quaca and team can stick a few carp – or if they end up with empty scales on Pigman: The Series exclusively on Sportsman Channel on Sunday, September 13 at 8 p.m. ET. “John Paul Morris has made bowfishing something as big as the UFC,” said Quaca. “He’s created this from the ground up and is treating bowfishing for carp just like his dad built an empire around bass fishing. The crowd here just to watch is bigger than I’ve ever seen. This Springfield store is off the charts.“ While Steel and Bryant have been scouting the lakes for two days, they haven’t found the carp honey-holes yet. But they are single-handedly cleaning up the lakes by reeling in floaties, flip-flops and other trash. “Instead of shooting tournament-winning fish, we're running around here shooting flip-flops and floaties like it’s a Spring Break Flea Market,” commented Quaca. Learn more about Pigman: The Series at http://Facebook.Com/PigmanTV on Twitter, Instagram at and online and About Pigman: The Series: Set deep in the heart of Texas, Leupold's Pigman: the Series takes viewers on a wild ride with its ever unpredictable and crazy Executive Producer and four-time Sportsman Channel Host of the Year, Brian 'Pigman' Quaca, at the helm. Now in its sixth season, Pigman: the Series has earned rank as one of Sportsman Channel’s top-rated shows by entertaining the masses with a plethora of hunts and locations. Of course, Pigman's pursuit of pigs is always his love and passion, but don't think he isn't capable of sharing the love to any species who dares to step out in front of his sights. Pigman: the Series is Executive Produced by Brian Quaca and David Luce, in association with Duality Filmworks where David and Daniel Holechek serve as co-producers. Learn more at ******** MEDIA CONTACT: Michelle Scheuermann, BulletProof Communications LLC; 651.964.0264;